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Accressories for the HP or Agilent LCR meters and impedance analyers

The following accessories are useful for owners of LCR meters. These are 4-terminal pair resistors. For those thare regulary do RF work, the use of a 50 Ω load resistor can give improved accuracy and confidence in your measurements. The open and short standards are useful when using cables. All these accessories can be used with meters having 4 terminal pair connectors (4 x BNC). These are sold at considerably lower cost than the Keysight parts. These parts are equivalent to the following Keysight items, but use closer tollerence resistors where appropiate.

A replacement 100 Ω resistor for the HP/Agilent 4285A LCR meter

99% of HP or Agilent 4285A Precision LCR meter sold do not come with the 100 Ω resistor, 04285-61001. The Kirkby Microwave replacement uses as 0.01% resistor, which is 10x more accurate than the meter, and better than the resistors used in the Keysight Standard Resistor kits.

Standards available


Pay the carriage and insurance, and provide a telephone number to aid the courier deliver the calibration kit. The amount depends on the delivery location.

Note, this is for the carriage and insurance. There may be import fees and duties when the calibration kit is exported outside the European Union. We have no control over these fees.

You can optionally provide the make and model of your VNA(s). This may help us improve support.

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