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The Kirkby Microwave 85054 18 GHz Type-N coaxial calibration and verification kit.

18 Type N calibration and verification kit

The Kirkby Microwave 85054 is a coaxial calibration and verification kit for vector network analyzers. It can be used up to 18 GHz, but due to the high cost of very high quality 18 GHz loads, we can supply this with lower-cost 6 GHz loads, The kit is offered in 4 configurations, which in order of increasing cost are:

  1. 6 GHz loads. The kit will only work correctly to 6 GHz, but you can upgrade it at a later date to 18 GHz by replacing the loads. The opens and shorts are suitable for 18 GHz, but not the loads. The accuracy of the loads, even at 6 GHz, is a little poorer than using expensive metrology grade 18 GHz loads.
  2. Used 18 GHz metrology grade loads. Loads suitable for VNA calibration kits are very expensive. We sometimes sell kits with used 18 GHz loads, which have been tested using our 85054B calibration kit. Please contact us, to ask about availability, as sourcing suitable loads is not easy, so we do not always have these.
  3. New 18 GHz metrology grade loads. These are very expensive, will be supplied to special order only, and are non-returnable. Please ask for a quotation on these. The lead time can be pretty long too - about 5 weeks.

The kit can be:

Purchasing the 85054 18 GHz kit from this website with Paypal

Purchasing directly from our website will save money compared to buying from eBay, but you still have the buyer protection of Paypal. Since we don't incur eBay fees, our price on the website is lower. Prices are given in GBP. Please ask for a proforma invoice if you want to pay in another currency, and we will send you one. The kit is available with 6 or 18 GHz loads, but the 18 GHz ones are not often available.

85054 type-N kit With 6 GHz loads. Payment in GBP

Shipping location
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VNA make/model (optional)

With 18 GHz loads.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase the kit with 18 GHz loads. Due to the very high cost of these new, we can sometimes supply the kit with used 18 GHz loads. We will give you a quotation if we can supply used loads, but otherwise the cost will be much higher if new loads are purchased.




Electrical (Note, the phase error is defined as the maximum difference in phase between the actual phase of the device, and the phase predicted by the mathematical model of the device).

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