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SC calibration kit - Kirkby Microwave 8450.

The nane SC connector is a little confusing, as there’s both an optical and microwave connector of the same name. A Google search on SC connector is likely to find numerous hits on the optical connector, but very few on the microwave connector, as the SC microwave connector is very rare nowadays. If you want to search Google for the SC microwave connector, we suggest a term of “SC connector GHz”. The diagram below shows an SC fibre connector on the left, and both male and female SC microwave connectors in the centre.

SC fibre connector SC microwave RF connector SC microwave RF connector

The microwave SC connector is a 50 Ω connector, approximately the size of an N-connector. It is more suitable for high-power than the N connector, but it's used very little nowadays. Maury Microwave are the only known manufacturer of SC connector calibration kits, but they creased selling them many years ago, and according to their website listing of Discontinued Calibration Kits and Standards, the model 8450xx was last serviced in 2017, and there’s no replacement product.

Kirkby Microwave do not sell an SC connector calibration kit as a standard item, but one can be custom built them to special order. The photographs show an SC calibration kit we built for a customer testing military equipment.

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