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PayPal payment in GBP for the 85033 SMA calibration kit.

When purchasing this kit by PayPal one should add the kit to ones basket, add any options to ones basket, add the carriage to ones basket, and finally checkout using the PayPal checkout. (If you would prefer, we can send you a PayPal invoice, if you let us know exactly what you want.)

  1. Select the kit giving the following information
  2. Select any options you require. Option 004 is highly reccomeneded.
  3. Select a delivery location, so the carriage and insurance is calculated correctly. Please include a telephone number for the courier.

Step 1. Order the basic kit. (Carriage must be added later and any options can be added if required).

Maximum frequency
VNA model (optional)

Step 2. Add any options needed, from adapters, a torque wrench, disks or a carry strap.

One or more of the following options may be added.

Option 001 - RP. SMA adapters. £32.00

Option 002. SMA to long life U.FL adapters. (£80)

Option 003. SMA to MMCX adapters with measured electrical length. (£81)

Option 004 (add torque wrench) £133.00

Option 005 - adds a carry strap. £24.00

Option 006: Add a floppy disk for an HP/Agilent 8510C VNA £12

Option 007: Add a floppy disk for an HP/Agilent 8714 VNA £14

Option 009. Add disk for 8719, 8720 or 8722 series instruments. £11

Option 010. Add disk for 8753 series instruments. £11

Option 022. Add an attenuator with 2 x female connectors £68

Option 023. Add an attenuator with 2 x male connectors £66

Step 3. Pay the carriage and insurance, and provide a telephone number to aid the courier deliver the calibration kit. The amount depends on the delivery location.

Note, this is for the carriage and insurance. There may be import fees and duties when the calibration kit is exported outside the European Union. We have no control over these fees.

You can optionally provide the make and model of your VNA(s). This may help us improve support.

Country to ship kit to
Telephone number for courier
VNA(s) - optional

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