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Using Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration and verification kits on Copper Mountain vector network analyzers

Copper Mountain VNA SMA calibration kit

The page gives you the information needed to use Kirkby Microwave calibration and verification kit on Copper Mountain vector network analyzers (VNAs). Unfortunately, at the time of writing (July 2018), Copper Mountain use a different format of calibration kit files for different models. However, we can produce files readable by any type of Copper Mountain VNA. After seeking advice from Copper Mountain, they told us to use the software in demo mode, which is what we do.

Installing the calibration kits definitions

Before using a vector network analyzer it is absolutely essential that the VNA has the correct calibration constants for a calibration kit. Since no Copper Mountain vector network analyzer will have the correct coefficients for a Kirkby Microwave calibration kit, these must be entered as a user-defined calibration kit. Kirkby Microwave can supply the files for either type of Copper Mountain VNAs. After the standards of the kit have been measured, and their coefficients computed, Kirkby Microwave will run the Copper Mountain software in demo mode to create the necessary files.

85033 installed in Copper Mountain VNA

Copper Mountain VNA calibration kit

Copper Mountain follow the same methods as HP/Agilent/Keysight for defining their calibration kits. The fringing capacitance of an open is assumed to be given by the 3rd order polynomial:

Cfringing=C0x10-15 + C1x10-27f + C2x10-36f2+C3x10-45f3

where the capacitance is in Farads and the frequency in Hz. The offset delays of the opens and shorts are given as delays in ps. In fact, the software looks quite similar to the Agilent PNA software too!

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