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Use of the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits on the Agilent/Keysight ENA series of VNAs

The Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration and verification kits work well with all Agilent or Keysight ENA series vector network analyzers. The process of setting up an ENA depends on the age of the model of ENA.

It should be noted that the firmware on most ENAs, refer to the gender of the test port, and not the calibration standard. So if during the calibration the firmware asks you to connect a short, and you are going to connect a female calibration short, then select "SHORT(M)". Note the M is in parentheses (round brackets). This may seem illogical to you. It does to us, and Agilent later relalised it was illogical too, and changed the convention, but fortunately it is easy to tell what convention your instrument uses.

Newer models of the ENA series, that use the same firmware as the PNA series instruments, refer to the gender of the calibration standard, not the test port. This is far more logical. In this case, the gender is not in parentheses (round brackets), but has minus signs each sides. So when connecting a female short, one would select "SHORT -F-"

The following list hopefuly clarifies this.

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