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Calibration & verification kit for Agilent or FieldFox FieldFox VNA or combination analyzer

SMA calibration kit

The Agilent or Keysight FieldFox handheld RF and microwave analyzers include instruments which have network analyzer capability. The Kirkby Microwave calibration kits can be used with all FieldFox instruments which have network analyzer capability. (Some of the FieldFox instruments are just spectrum analyzers.) At the time of writing (June 2018), the following instruments have VNA capabilities:

Setting up a FieldFox to use the kit either a SMA, N or waveguide kit is very easy, as the required files will be supplied on a USB stick. The files are in a directory VNA-readable-coefficients/HP+Agilent+Keysight and will have a name like 85033_SN_0482_for_Agilent_PNA_or_FieldFox.xkt where the 85033 indicated it was for an SMA kit, and the serial number of the kit was 0482. These should be copied to the FieldFox via Ethernet using Keysights's Data Link software.

Once the kit has been set up, the attenuator supplied in the Kirkby Microwave calibration and verification kits should be used to verify correct operation.

Why we don't recommend the Agilent or Keysight N9912A

The N9912A combination analyzer has a number of limitations which make is much poorer than the other FieldFox models. However, no doubt because of this, the N9912A can often be found cheaply, and for basic measurements the N9912A is adequate. Specific issues are:

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