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Use of the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits on the Agilent/Keysight PNA-X series of VNAs

Keysight PNA-X vector network analyzer

The Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration kits are designed to provide good performance for most commercial and all amateur applications of a VNA. The PNA-X range of Keysight VNAs offer exceptional performance, with capabilities like

If your requirements are such that you need to use a very high end VNA like the PNA-X series, and have the budget to purchase a PNA-X, then we suggest you purchase a Keysight calibration kit, unless the kit is to be used for training purposes.

If you wish to use one of our kits on a PNA-X, then follow the instructions for configuring a Agilent/Keysight PNA series vector network analyzer. The modern PNA and PNA-X take the same file .xkt format. Each kit is shipped with a .xkt file, which works for FieldFox, PNA and PNA-X. Older PNAs need a little more work, but are easy to set up.

Kirkby Microwave do not own a PNA-X, but one of our customers in the USA has their N5247A PNA-X set up to allow remote access - mainly for technical support from Keysight staff. However, they have given us permission to log in too, when the instrument is not in use, so we can check that calibration kit files have loaded properly.

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