SMA calibration and verification kit with reverse SMA adapters (model 85033, 7 GHz option 001)

SMA calibration kit reverse SMA reverse SMA


The standard Kirkby Microwave 85033 7 GHz SMA calibration and verification kit is used to calibrate a vector network analyzer to measure standard SMA devices.

This option 001 kit is identical to the standard kit, but also include two reverse polarity SMA adapters. The approximate electrical length of these will be measured prior to dispatch, and this data put onto the USB stick. If phase measurements are being made, the effect of the electrical length can be removed by enabling "Port Extensions" on the network analyzer. If only VSWR/return loss measurements are being made, then the phase delay of the adapters is irrelevant.

Purchasing the kit with reverse SMA adapters.

The adapters will not fit in the case used on the standard kit, so if this option, or option 002 (U.FL adapters and cable) or option 004 (torque wrench) are purchased, then the larger case will be supplied.

It is possible to fit options 001, 002 and 004 all in the one case, so if more than one of these options is required, the costs are lower than one might expect.

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