Custom coaxial or waveguide VNA calibration kits

Kirkby Microwave can produce custom calibration kits. Generally these have been variations of our coaxial kits for higher frequency operation, but on other occasions it has been waveguide calibration kits. Below we show two examples of such kits.

Custom WR90 waveguide calibration kit.

This kit was provided to a military customer, and consisted of:

WR90 waveguide calibration kit

Custom WR75 waveguide calibration kit.

This kit was produced for an amateur radio enthusiast F5BQP. The customer supplied the wooden box he wanted the components fitted into, along with a couple of the components, including the orange load, which was a temporary load while he waited to receive a Maury Microwave fixed load, to match the other components. The kit consisted of:

WR75 waveguide kit box WR75 waveguide calibration kit load, offset shorts

Please contact us to ask about custom kits.

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