Support for the X-WR90-3f X-band WR90/ WG16 waveguide calibration kit

WR90  X-band waveguide calibration kit


This support page will be expanded later. Sorry it is so brief, but we will provide full support by email and phone.

The VNA calibration kit includes all the components necessary to calibrate a VNA when the test ports are connected via cables and adapters to WR90 waveguide. The kit includes a λ/4 (quarter wave) shim/spacer, a flush short, and a load. All components are new. Note, that no 'open' standard is supplied. This is because it is impossible to make a useful waveguide open, so an offset short is used. This provides a reflection standard which is approximately 180° different in phase from the flush short.

Single port waveguide calibration (S11 or S22)

The following process is required for a single-port calibration.

  1. Enter the calibration kit coefficients into the VNA. For many models of VNA, Kirkby Microwave will be able to supply a file readable by the VNA. For other VNAs, the data will need to be entered into the VNA. The only information needed is the delay (or thickness) of the shim, the TE10 cutoff frequency, and the width/height ratio of the waveguide. The thickness of the shim will be measured prior to shipment.
  2. Connect the VNA to a waveguide to coaxial transition, either directly, or with a cable.
  3. Select the calibration routine in the VNA, and when prompted use the following component, talking care to tighten the devices properly using 8-32 screws, nuts and washers (not supplied).
  4. Remove the calibration components and attach the DUT

Calibration for all 4 S-parameters (S11, S21, S12 and S22)

For a two port calibration, the above should be repeated at the second port, then the two waveguide transitions joined for a zero length thru.

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