Use of the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits on the Agilent/Keysight PNA series of VNAs

Aglent N9938A PNA network analyzer

The Kirkby Microwave Calibration kits are well suited for use with the Agilent or Keysight PNA series of vector network analysers. Setting up the calibration kit is really simple, as one just needs to load a single .ckt file (older PNAs) or .xkt file(newer PNAs). Since May 2018, these files are supplied on each USB stick, as we have automated the process of creating the files. Prior to this, the files were not supplied unless requested. However, we can generate these files for customers quite easily. The files will be found in the following directories on the USB stick supplied with the kits.

For an 85033 SMA kit, with a serial number of 0482

For an 85054 type-N kit, with a serial number of 0123

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