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Using the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits with the HP/Agilent 8714 series of VNAs

HP 8714C VNA

The HP / Agilent 8714 series consisted of several models - the 8714A, 8714B. 8714C, 8714ES and 8714ET. All instruments have a frequency range of 300 kHz to 3 GHz. The 8714A, 8714B. 8714C and 8714ET have a transmission/reflection test set, whereas the 8714ES has a full S-parameter test set, with full two-port vector-error correction, providing complete S-parameters of a two-port network. The 8714C, 8714ES and 8714ET have built in floppy disk drives, which enable the coefficients to be read from a floppy disk.

The 8714ES is available in both 50 Ω and 75 Ω models, and some of the other 8714 series instruments maybe too. However, Kirkby Microwave only produce 50 Ω calibration kits, so we can't provide a kit for a 75 Ω model unless the VNA is to be used with a minimum loss pad for 50 Ω measurements.

Although Kirkby Microwave does not own an 8714, a few customers are successfully using our 85033 SMA calibration kit with 8714C and 8714ES VNAs. There's no reason whatsoever the 8714 VNA could not be used with our 85054 N kit too. We will describe the process to setup a calibration kit on an 8714 series vector network analyzer.

For the HP/Agilent 8714 series VNAs you will need to read the manual on your particular VNA. But essentially the coefficients of the kit need to be stored into two text files (one for the male calibration standards, and one for the female calibration standards), then put onto a floppy disk, which is read by the instrument. Two example files are CALKITM for the male VNA calibration standards and CALKITF for the female VNA calibration standards, which were created to use our SMA cal kit with the Agilent 8714ES.

Kirkby Microwave do not currently place the files on the USB stick, as few customers have 8714 VNAs. However, we are always willing to generate the calibration kit files when required.

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