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Using calibration kits on HP, Agilent or Keysight VNAs

Kirkby Microwaves range of low-cost calibration and verifccation kits will work with almost any HP, Agilent or Keysight VNA. Please see this specific pages, but if you have any other VNA, and wish to use our kits with it, then please contact us by phone or email, so we can work out whether your VNA can be used. In almost all cases the answer will be yes.

Almost any HP, Agilent or Keysight VNA can be used with our calibration kits, except some very old models that don't allow entry of coefficients. To aid using our kits, the following can be supplied.

All FieldFoxes which can read a .xkt file, although if your FieldFox has a very old firmware release, you will need to update that first.

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